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New City - Egypt's "Sisi-City"

Sisi City

"New Cities" a new Quarantine Time series of my blog where we will see new properly planned cities of the modern and new Capitals of World. In this blog, we will see the new Egyptian Capital named "Sisi City" which was put forth to reduce the overcrowded and polluted Capital City of Cairo. 
The country's new capital is widely known as the Lovechild and would be a legacy project of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Hence we can see why the city is named "Sisi City".
Egypt Sisi City
The new bigger, better than other and doubtless more sophisticated than any other sprawling megacity on the Planet which will be placed between the Nile River and the Suez Canal and will cost around $58 Billion. As the Capital city of Egypt, Cairo will get the most populated and hence will require this megacity and will reform the economy and reduce the congestion. This megacity is such a huge project such as mammoth with New Parliament House, more than 30+ Government Ministries, Central Bank, an Airport Larger than Heathrow, and a new financial district with many tall and super tall skyscrapers including the Tallest Tower in Africa.
Egypt Sisi City
This was not all which it includes. There will be in all 21 residential districts and the largest cathedral, theme park bigger than the Disney Land, and 10000 km of streets. The new region will house more than 1000 new schools and colleges in total and more than 500 hospitals. The list is still not over... there will be more than 700 kindergartens, more than 40000 hotel rooms 4200000 sq m of malls and yes the central park will be bigger than New York's central park.
Egypt Sisi City
This is the dream project of the ruler to bring up a mixture of modern and Islamic architecture in a huge place over 700 sq km and about the size of Singapore which is to be built in just 7 seven years when Cairo celebrates its 30th anniversary.
Egypt Sisi City


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