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Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave

20 Mega Stadium  3000 Apartments 12000 Car Parking and 35000 Two Wheeler Parking Accommodate 12000+ Children These are some of the amazing features in  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave ... With emerging talent in sports and to encourage them, the Gujarat Government will set up a huge sports complex which will be named " Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave " at the banks of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad. Sports Enclave: This whole Enclave will be spread over 233 acres of land which will also include the " Narendra Modi Stadium " which is spread over 63 acres. The Enclave planned will be larger than the Indira Gandhi Sports Arena, Delhi which is spread over 102 acres and will be complete at a cost of 4600 crores of which the State will invest 3200 crores, and private investment of 1400 crores. All the stadiums and buildings will be constructed in conformity with International Standards related to Sports. The schools with no playground which counts as much as

Greenfield Development and Brownfield Redevelopment

As we talked about the infra boom in our previous blog, you will come across words like Greenfield Development and Brownfield Redevelopment in many projects. We will see as much as 100 trillion rupees injected into such greenfield and brownfield projects in India by the Government through National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP). It's simple, Green and Brown: Greenfield:- It is project development on land which was not used for many years but did NOT have any construction, such as agriculture land, plots, government land, etc. Brownfield:- It is a project redevelopment, the land will have previous construction such as residential, commercial, or industry and can be contaminated soil (polluted due to industrial waste). Development and Redevelopment: As in Greenfield, there is no previous construction, hence it is called Development . As in Brownfield, there is previous construction and needs redevelopment, hence it is called Redevelopment . Few Points: In Greenfield projects, the inve

Infrastructure Boom In India

After few lockdowns and then Unlocks... India's PM came up with the idea of self-reliant and self-sufficient INDIA -"ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT". This idea of "ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT" made many companies in the infra-sector majorly Government hold Public Sector Units (PSUs) and Private constuction companies started giving orders to Indian Companies, such as the Metal, Cement, and Construction Industry and this gave boast to take the first big step and start a Infra-Boom which I will show in short to you. This attracted many foregin comapnies to invest in India and the companies started working with new energy and flow of liquidity unlike ever in India. This is seen in projects such as: 1) Jammu-Baramulla Railway Project, Himachal to Jammu and Himachal to Leh Road Project. The route will consist of many tunnels and bridges and reduce the travel time. (This will open 2 new routes to Srinagar and a new Route to Leh, this idea came because the roads get block easily due to snow

Post Pandemic Civil Engineer's Thinking

The Civil Engineering field was one of the most affected by the pandemic, as most of the work cannot be done from home such as surveying, fieldwork, plan layout, construction, and other physical work. Few things such as planning, drawing can be done by that too was limited.  With this, many countries' economy saw a slowdown and the best way to boom their economy is by building new infrastructure projects and spending out more on projects such as highways, bridges, metro, state roads, buildings (commercial and residential). Country such as India has taken steps in that direction too with projects such as: 1) Tunnels to connect the northern cities which are mostly disconnected due to snow in the Himalayan ranges... 2) National Highway expansion, Expressway connecting National capital to different cities, Highways to connect more cities, Coastal Road Project (Mumbai), and many more... 3) Port development and renovation which will help in increasing exports as connectivity increases...

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel COVID Hospital - 1000 Bed Hospital

1000 Bed Hospital The Central Government of India is very serious about the COVID-19 situation with very effective steps to curb the situation. As many countries have converted their stadiums, halls, and reception area as COVID wards to get patients. The Central Government has taken many steps of which this 1000 bed facility which also holds 250 ICU beds in just 11 days. The main efforts were made by DRDO which has also stated that Sardar Vallbhabhai Patel COVID Care Hospital will be named after the Galwan Valley Martyred Soldiers. This facility is primarily built by MoD, MHA, TATA Sons, and other Industries proving a COVID Care facility has made this for Delhi's patients where the number of cases is increasing day-by-day. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel COVID Hospital will have 4 Robots which will help in delivering food and medicines to the patients, there is also a facility for telephone, medicine store, lab, and WI-FI for all the staff and patients. The facility was built under a tent

Civil Engineering Exam

If you are in core streams such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering you have many options for you to do post-graduation, get a job in public and/or private sector.  I was one of you when I was in the second and third year, but in this lockdown situation, I got to know about many entrance exams in our stream. Here are my opinion and information to share with you. Here we will see such Entrance Exam option: GATE: This exam is for all stream and after getting qualified, you can go for post-graduation, get PSU job, and get a job in many other companies that accept the applicant on the basis of the GATE score.  GATE scores are valid for 3 years. For more details, you can check here: ESE: ESE is Engineering Service Exam wherein you get selected for IES post that is Indian Engineering Services. This Exam goes for 3 days wherein it is divided into 3 parts that are objective, subjective, and interview. Here you onl

Civil Engineering

What Is Civil Engineering? I am a Civil Engineering student, pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Mumbai. Before I took admission in this stream I had the only idea that Civil Engineering means building roads, bridges, and buildings, but after getting in this stream I came across such topics that I didn't think of. The Civil Engineering field does have building roads, bridges, buildings along with railways, irrigation projects, hydraulics, surveying, environmental engineering, and structural analysis. All day-to-day tasks we do right from morning to evening, all things are built and facilitated by Civil Engineers. Here I will try to give you a short idea of why you should choose this topic and why will it grow after this pandemic situation, unlike other fields. Let's see some core subjects: Strength Of Material: Here you will study in detail about the material and its properties such as stress and strain and basics of moment and torque. Structural Analysis: In Structural Analysis you

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Timber Buildings !?

Timber Buildings !?  Why do we need a timber building? Yes, timber buildings. As on earth human population is on an exponential rise, many and many people are trying to get home in a city where they have easy excess for the workplace for their own living. In the near future, as the population gets more concentrated in cities more and more structures I mean Tall Structures need to be built. Loading Bearing and Comparison So now architects and builders have opted for old Technic of using timber as a building material eliminating concrete and steel. Yes, it is very hard to find this amount of trees but not impossible. It can be grown and regrown as needed. Many projects have been in progress of this idea and it reduces about 75% of carbon emission as compared to concrete and steel structure. Using timber coming directly from the forest doesn't have the appropriate strength required for a high rise building. So designers came up with the new idea of CLT