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Complete Guide to BIM Technology

What is BIM Building Information Modeling is not just one software, rather it is a collection of software such as modeling software like REVIT, Scheduling software such as MS Project/Primavera P6. Then merge both and input them in Navisworks for a complete action pack and detail-oriented model with a time frame. This way we get better visualization and understanding of design which will result in reducing various clashes and delays during on-field execution. Where can it be used? BIM as a whole is USD in ACE Industry which is Architecture-Construction-Engineering. Various industry-oriented personals have recommended BIM Technology not only for construction but also for facility management. As the source and data output from BIM are precise and time-saving. Reporting documents and generating estimation is hassle-free when compared to other areas. If you want to start and get in this field, many did recommend me to go for estimating and scheduling with schedule and Navisworks which will

Transportation Engineering-India

Transportation Engineering is the study of the development, planning, designing, material study and management, and pavement design. Along with this traffic engineering and maintenance are also studied. Transportation Engineering in India can be studied in 5 parts: Development & Planning Geometric Design Material Study Pavement Design Traffic and Maintenance 1. Developing & Planning Indian Transportation development and planning date back to 1927 where the committee was formed called "Jayakar Committee" which gave its recommendation in February 1928. This Committee proposed few steps for large-scale change in India's highway development. Consider Road Development as a matter of National Interest. Tax on petrol and Funds should be colled=cted with forming Central Road Fund in 1928. Form an Advisory body called "Indian Road Congress" in 1934, a technical body to pass plans. Form a research and development organization called "Central Road Research Ins

Vedic Construction

Vedic Construction:      We see Sthapatya Veda is an ancient system and knowledge that involves the connection between the people and buildings where we live and work. The Chinese concept of Feng Shui is just a recent concept but the Vedic Construction technique and knowledge date back 5000 years but many say it's older than that.      Here we will cover what material they had, what knowledge they spread out, and what tool and technique they used with geometry and ancient text available.  Vedic Material:      Vedic materials consisted of mud, lime, stones, wood, initial metal such as copper, and precious stones. Vedic plaster contains cow dung and gypsum among other natural materials according to manufacturers, also curing is not required or necessary as per work. Some places saw the use of Rice Water with Lime is mixed and that paste is used to fill and connect joints.      They also developed techniques of making bricks with mud, clay molding it in hand molds, and wooden molds wh

Bhagiratha-Drinking Water Project

We have talked about many water projects such as lift irrigation, building barrage, and many projects which are developed and being developed for irrigation and drinking water purpose. Here we will see one such project that is the Bhagiratha project developed by the State Government of  Telangana. Project Highlight: This project is being developed to ensure safe and sustainable piped drinking water to households directly from the surface water sources. The project will have 26 segments and have a tentative project cost of 45028 crore rupees which will spread over 1.11 lakh sq km area and have pipelines running 1.46 lakh km to give water to households. The main sources are Krishna & Godavari River which will benefit over 2.7 crore individuals. Infrastructure! This huge project consists of 65+ Intake Tower and will also expand with 19 more Intake Tower which will take the water to the water treatment plants. There will be 110+ Water Treatment Plants and expand with the addition of 50

Why One Software Is Not Enough

Need Of Time Once you enter mainstream you will come to know that in-office work you will see the use of AutoCAD for drafting, ETABS/STAADPro is used to design, various software for the transit system and also use of REVIT for architectural work, Primavera for Project Management and various software for Estimation Software. So we will see which software will be a must for you if you are able to pursue one: AUTODESK AutoCAD - Drafting AUTODESK REVIT - Architectural View SKETCH UP - Architectural View ETABS - Structural Design (Easy for Earthquake Calculation) Bently STAAD Pro. - Structural Design Bently STAAD Foundation - Footing Design AUTODESK 3DS MAX - 3D View & Design Primavera - Project Management MS Project - Project Management Estimation Software One of the most basic needed Programs in MS EXCEL and MS PowerPoint. Excl will definitely help in project work and also help in Estimation work with some design work handling too. In the final year project, you will definitely come a

Plastic Analysis and Design

Plastic Analysis The easiest but difficult to remember topic for me was this. LOL. Civil Engineering deals with daily stuff and you can see what your field has worked on such as roads, bridges, pathways, transit systems, buildings you see and live in, and many more. Nowadays we have to consider earthquake loading in most of the structures and plastic analysis and design play an important role when studied in depth. The plastic analysis is used to check the collapse behavior of the structure with an increase in yield of cross-section increasing with increase in load. This analysis gives a significantly higher value for failure load for the safety of the building when compared to elastic load capacity. With this, we come across the term as plastic moment and hinge. The theoretically maximum moment which the section reaches in a plastic hinge is the plastic moment. The plastic hinge is said where deformation takes place where the plastic moment takes place. This plastic hinge is seen to h

Kacchi Dargah Bidupur Bridge

Kacchi Dargah Bidupur Bridge There are over 16 bridges on the Ganga River and most of which most of them are in Bihar. This bridge addition will be most interesting as it will be the longest on the Ganga River and Longest Bridge in India too. The bridge will connect Patna and Hajipur with a span of 9.76 km and connect the NH30 to NH333. The bridge is also planned so as to reduce the load from the Mahatma Gandhi Setu and also reduce travel time for the regional passengers. The construction of the bridge started in July 2017 and the construction saw 67 well foundations constructed in the first phase in the Diyara from both banks on each side of the river. The construction will be completed by the end of 2021 and is currently in an advanced stage with major work fast-forward and given top priority to be completed as soon as possible. The overall cost of the construction is estimated at around 3110 crores with the project being completed with a joint venture between Korean and home ground

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Great Man-Made River (GMR)

Libya's Great Man Made River: The Great Man-Made River in Libya is one of the most ambitious Civil Engineering Project in history of mankind.  In the year 1953, the Libya Government found out not only vast oil reserves but also vast quantity of fresh water locked under the strata, most of the water was trapped around 7000-30000 years ago which is divided in 4 different basins. The first basin is named Kufra basin which is neat Egypt Border which covers almost 35000 sq kilometer which is quite deep around 2000 m deep. The other basin is in Sirte Basin which cover 10000 sq kilometer, third in Murzuk Basin and the last in Jabal Fezzan Basin covering 4800 sq kilometers area.  The GMR project will be used to transfer water to North of the country to provide water for irrigation purpose for more than 6 million  people. This will be a changing point  for Libya and the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi called it the Eighth Wonder of World. The work started in 1984 of the project and estimated to be