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Tekla Structures

Student View:

As a Civil Engineering Student, I had tried software such as STAAD Pro, ETABS and personally used Tekla Structures (Training). 
From all this software the one thing, I can say Tekla has better software experience and a good interface. The software is available on site and students can sign-in and complete the training section and they give you Certificate. 

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures is one of the most advanced software with structural BIM Software, which lets you make/create, manage and share materials in a 3D model. The model is packed full of valuable construction info and conceptual planning to fabrication, construction, and maintenance for design details. Tekla Structure has an Indian Environment similar to other software and it's easy to make changes and define materials and assign them to the structure. And for any problem, they have local training and support there for you.

Tekla Structures
The software is used by:

Steel Detailers and Fabricators
Bridge Engineers
Concrete Contractors
Structural Engineers
Precast Detailers and Producers
Rebar and Reinforcement Design
Students and Educational Institution.
Tekla Structures
By this, you might be getting an idea that this is unlike any software where it focuses on a single theme such as just steel (STAAD) and just concrete (ETABS) but has a wide range of applications in this field.


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