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Neom City

Neom City
Saudi Arabia.
    Saudi Arabia is a country with the second-largest oil reserves and that has been the fuel fr the world and fuel for the economy of Saudi Arabia. But with passing years, the shift from renewable to nonrenewable is affecting the countries economy and largely affects the revenue to the central administration. 
    They found a way to increase revenue by creating a new tourist destination and creating new places which attract foreign investors and develop the state infrastructure. Not only Saudi Arabia, but many Arab nations like United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait have also planned their future new cities, tourist spots, and investment directing ideas.
Neom City
    The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has put forth the idea of the future city called "NEOM CITY". It is situated to the north of the Red Sea, where the Eqypt also has a beautiful city which attracts many tourists. The country will also link the two countries with the bridge, which will be the first to connect Asia and Africa which will bypass Israel. 
The Line City
    The city is shown to be the best and first future-proof city which will focus on passenger transit, garden and green area, an underground transit system. There is a proposed city within this NEOM CITY  which is called the "LINE CITY" which will be a straight city stretching over 170 km. Width expansion restricted and a single public transit road and line which will run underground and place above ground will be full of green gardens and public places. The infra will be world set to blend with nature. 
Neom City Transit System
The city is said to have no car, no street (as they are underground), and will have no carbon emission which is because it will focus on public transit which will have a system same as hyperloop and have high-speed pods for some region. This is called SPINE connect system.
    Such cities are much needed which brings us closer to nature and focuses on public sector development rather than the commercial sector. But are there any such straight city currently existing? YES. The new capital of Brazil was planed with a central main road and city build on both sides, but there was random development in the vicinity which destroyed the idea and look of the city. The other example can be seen in Netherland and North European countries.


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