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Construction Management- Civil Engineering

Construction Management- Civil Engineering
Construction Management focuses on the Planning and Execution of the project and aims at creating and maintaining an organization to achieve the aim and objective of the project.

Those Functions and Principles in Management are:

Functions of Management:

  • Planning
a. Enlist various options
b. Evaluate the option with respect to time and budget
c. Select the best possible option
d. Set the plan or schedule
  • Organizing
a. Placing the right person for a task
b. Preparing the organization structure
c. Assignment of the task to a person who can do it the best way
  • Staging
a. Filling and keeping filled positions in organization structure
b. To prepare the path and timeline of the work
  • Leading
Influencing people so that would contribute to the project at their best
  • Controlling
It deals with measuring and correcting the performance of various aspect
  • Coordination
Coordination between staging and organization OR between leading and controlling.

Principles of Management:

  • Authority and Responsibiliy
Here power or right to give order & being accountable for some non-compliance.
  • Unity of Command
In order to reduce conflict, the employee should get orders from a single boss so as to achieve clear direction of command from authority to employee.
  • Scalar Chain of Command
It is a formal line of authority from the highest level to the lowest level
  • Unity of DIrection
Every department will constitute towards achieving the same aim and objectives
  • Discipline
Following rules and regulations
Good supervisors at all level
Making agreement
  • Subordination of individual interest to general intrest
Try to set the aim and objective of employee
The company's aim and objective should be achieved

This is just a short idea of construction management, and I will keep updating this blog with more details. If you have any thoughts, do share in the comments section.
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