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Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel COVID Hospital - 1000 Bed Hospital

1000 Bed Hospital

1000 bed COVID Care hospital facility developed in Delhi
The Central Government of India is very serious about the COVID-19 situation with very effective steps to curb the situation. As many countries have converted their stadiums, halls, and reception area as COVID wards to get patients. The Central Government has taken many steps of which this 1000 bed facility which also holds 250 ICU beds in just 11 days.
The main efforts were made by DRDO which has also stated that Sardar Vallbhabhai Patel COVID Care Hospital will be named after the Galwan Valley Martyred Soldiers.
1000 bed facility made by DRDO in Delhi
This facility is primarily built by MoD, MHA, TATA Sons, and other Industries proving a COVID Care facility has made this for Delhi's patients where the number of cases is increasing day-by-day. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel COVID Hospital will have 4 Robots which will help in delivering food and medicines to the patients, there is also a facility for telephone, medicine store, lab, and WI-FI for all the staff and patients. The facility was built under a tent that can hold such a crowd and can be used as a temporary hospital as a COVID Care facility. The Hospital will also give all the staff PPE kits for work and has assured to follow all the guidelines. The facilities according to me are being funded by PM Cares Fund and products will be majorly under the Make In India campaign.
PM Care fund funded ventilator use
Similar work was done in Gujarat where they completed 5000 beds facility in 10 days. In Maharashtra, the State Government took steps to compact the pandemic with converting exhibition area, Function Halls, and general Hospitals into COVID facility.
You can check how the Wuhan City also made a 1000 bed facility: Wuhan Hospital.


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