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Civil Engineering Exam

Exams For Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering entrance exams
If you are in core streams such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering you have many options for you to do post-graduation, get a job in public and/or private sector. 
I was one of you when I was in the second and third year, but in this lockdown situation, I got to know about many entrance exams in our stream. Here are my opinion and information to share with you.

Here we will see such Entrance Exam option:

  • GATE:

This exam is for all stream and after getting qualified, you can go for post-graduation, get PSU job, and get a job in many other companies that accept the applicant on the basis of the GATE score. 
GATE scores are valid for 3 years.
For more details, you can check here:

  • ESE:

ESE is Engineering Service Exam wherein you get selected for IES post that is Indian Engineering Services.
This Exam goes for 3 days wherein it is divided into 3 parts that are objective, subjective, and interview. Here you only have to focus on the core of your stream.
For more details, you can just go to the UPSC site and search for this section.

  • UPSC:

UPSC is one of the most difficult and perfectly based exams wherein the best-of-best are chosen. The exam is also the same as ESE but more subjects and it makes you open up to the world.
The exam details are perfectly given on their site.

  • SSC JE:
  • ISRO Exam:


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