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Sagarmala Pariyojana

Sagarmala Pariyojana

Sagarmala Project
, the most important transportation way in current time as most of the cargo and oil shipment pass through waterways, we have seen a major development in ports and shipping yards. India has seen a major change in exports and imports pattern which is carried out by shipping. Hence developing and increasing ports and utilities for the shipping industry is seen to be an opportunity for mega port connectivity project called "Sagarmala Pariyojana".
The Sagarmala Pariyojana is also an initiative by the Indian government along with the Bharatmala Pariyojana. We can't just see both the project individually as both alone don't show any significance to the economic development.
Sagarmala will consist of developing 14 Coastal Economic Zones and Coastal Employment Units which overall estimates an $8.5 trillion and aims to boost merchandise exports by $110 billion and generating over 10000000 direct and indirect jobs. With this, the Ministry of Shipping wants to promote port development as we have a 7500 km long coastline and over 14500 km navigable waterways.
Sagarmala Project

The Project:

Sagarmala Pariyojana aims in transforming the Port and Shipping industry with developing and maintaining current ports and construct new mega ports.

Ports at various places such as:

> Sagar Island, West Bengal
> Paradip Outer Harbour, Odisha
> Srikazhi, Tamil Nadu
> Kanniyakumari, Tamil Nadu
> Belikeri, Karnataka
> Vadhavan, Maharashtra
There are various ports which will be interconnected and will serve the exchange program. The Bharatmala Pariyojana will connect these ports with roads and help in transferring goods to various markets and cities.  


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