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Civil Engineering Students!

Opportunity for Civil Engineers
Due to the pandemic situation you have been in your home and many of the colleges and university have cancelled their exam for the current and final year student, this is the right time to make your Resume a very strong hold for the placement work. 
A Single Piece Of Paper Can Change Your Life - Interview/Job Application
Here we won't see about academic stuff but related to software's and courses which can help you add things in your resume.

  • Coursera

Opportunity for Civil Engineers
This is an online course website which provides you software and application based courses, and also give you shareable certificate.

  • Udemy

Opportunity for Civil Engineering
This is also an online base software and application base e-learning platform where you ca find the Microsoft Excel, Word and many other software learning courses.

  • Trimble Campus 

Opportunity for Civil Engineers
This is a software based company which have many software's related to structures and building design and application.
Trimble sub division Tekla has offered free student and educational software application "Trimble Tekla Structures"  where you can learn BIM application in it.

  • Webinars

Webinars are virtual seminar which many colleges and firms have started for students. This can enhance your knowledge and help you in understanding many problems.


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Timber Buildings !?  Why do we need a timber building? Yes, timber buildings. As on earth human population is on an exponential rise, many and many people are trying to get home in a city where they have easy excess for the workplace for their own living. In the near future, as the population gets more concentrated in cities more and more structures I mean Tall Structures need to be built. Loading Bearing and Comparison So now architects and builders have opted for old Technic of using timber as a building material eliminating concrete and steel. Yes, it is very hard to find this amount of trees but not impossible. It can be grown and regrown as needed. Many projects have been in progress of this idea and it reduces about 75% of carbon emission as compared to concrete and steel structure. Using timber coming directly from the forest doesn't have the appropriate strength required for a high rise building. So designers came up with the new idea of CLT