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ArcGIS - Civil Engineering Software


ArcGIS - Civil Engineering Software
As a student, researcher, and engineer you would have done projects in which at some point you need maps and details in it which can be used for projects. ArcGIS is a software that helps and gives you a chance to create, use, and develop apps that require maps.
 The ArcGIS software gives you various backgrounds such as topographical view, satellite view, road path, buildings area, and many other views on which you can create, analyze, and share geographic information.

The various situation in which you can make maps:

  • Advanced Analytics:
You can make the area, road, and point identified in the map which is the basic thing in this software.ArcGIS - Civil Engineering Software
  • Advanced Visualization:
With this, you can make creative, advanced informative and interactive maps.
  • 2D & 3D:
You might have seen the Google Earth 3D view and the previous 2D version which gives a more precise view of the earth, work in 2D & 3D dimension in ArcGIS will also provide you such an interface to create one.
ArcGIS - Civil Engineering Software
  • Image Processing:
ArcGIS Desktop version provides the drone, satellite aerial images & video and LiDAR images to analyze imagery.
This ArcGIS also provide you ready maps, creates maps, and also has developer's options.


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