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India's First Vertical Lift Bridge

Vertical Lift Bridge

India's First Vertical Lift Bridge
Proposed Vertical Bridge
This is the most fascinating project in India and in the Civil Engineering field. This project was proposed with a rail line that connects the Island of Rameshwaram to India which was earlier connected with Pamban Bridge. This project is cost around 250 crores. This will be a new link which will take place of the current bridge which is around 104 year which connects Pamban island to Tamil Nadu. This is the new and first time being used in India which is a vertical lift bridge.

The Pamban Bridge currently there is a Horizontal Lift Bridge which you can see in the photo below. 
India's First Vertical Lift Bridge
Current Pamban Bridge
This will be replaced with a vertical lift Bridge. This was so needed because the Gulf of Mannar is the most used path for the ships to pass through and reach the East side of India. The Bridge is hence required to have a lifting mechanism.
The Bridge part which will be lifted will be 63 meters long. The Bridge is hence magnificent and an important project in Civil Engineering. 
The other project we talked about the rail line above is the rail line project which will be connected to the Dhanushkodi region. This is also estimated to be 200 crore project.


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