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Pakyong Airport (Gangtok, Sikkim)

Pakyong Airport

Pakyong Airport
This is one of the most significant projects of India and Sikkim. The Sikkim got it's a first and new airport in the capital Gangtok which was also the 100th operational airport of India. The airport was inaugurated on 24th September 2018 by Prime Minister Modi and it is the greenfield airport and fifth-highest airport in India.
This is also a marvel in Civil Engineering where the land was made out of the foot of the hill and the whole runway was build with the airport terminal. The airport covers an area of 200 acres and s terminal building of 2380 sq meter.
Pakyong Airport
The area where the airport is also in an area where visibility is the poor and sometimes extreme weather conditions. Sikkim was the only state which didn't have any airport to date (2018). The state is the only way to get to the 7 Sisters and thus makes a strategic location for the Indian military. The airport work started in 2012 and was delayed due to villagers protest and delayed to 2014 and then completed in 2018 by the new government works and deals.


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