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One Sun One World One Grid

One - World Solar Power

One Sun One World One Grid
In 2015 when the world came to gather in the Paris Declaration and took Oath for taking steps for reducing the overall Earths temperature by 1-2 degree Celsius, India proposed a vision under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi called " One Sun One World One Grid" wherein the countries which are in the region of tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn will come to gather and build a worldwide grid for the availability of electricity. As far as India is concerned, I have seen many - many solar projects started and even huge projects which have also been completed with the working time. The world now comes under this vision and take steps to decrease the temperature and not rely on the non-renewable source such as fossil fuels.
One Sun One World One Grid


In 2015 when they started this organization, till now as far as 64 nations have signed and started building infrastructures, wherein 86 nations have signed the petition. The world looks forward to India in building mega infrastructure to overcome the shortage of electricity and make the world connected. The African continent will be a major part as it will be helpful in producing the highest  amount of electricity.

The Plan:

The plan from the Union Minister is to make the West and East Asia countries around 140, to make infrastructure and open the grid for the world on solar power. Then on a later stage it will connect to the African countries.


One Sun One World One Grid
India has already taken steps, making an International Solar Alliance (ISA) which aims to collectively make work and talk inter-governmental bodies and form the infrastructure. This Alliance also aims to make a $1 trillion movements and make electricity available to all. Also, they will produce and distribute about 1000 GW of electricity.


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