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New Parliament Building of India

New Parliament House

New Parliament House of India
The Triangular Building
The current plan of the revamping Central Vista is a huge revamp project of changing the face of capital of India where all the important and big decisions. The Central Vista Revamp Project has a plan for the new Parliament Building which will be just behind the Old Parliament House of India.
The Old House is now falling short for new ministers and MP's and thus the New Parliament Building was in need and then comes the plan of building a new Parliament house. The New Building will be of Triangular shape which will house the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and the Joint House Meeting Hall. The cost of the building is estimated at 922 crores.

More Detail On Click Here: Central Vista Revamp

The New Parliament will be capable to house 900 Lok Sabha MP's and in all 1300 in the hall which will be used for Joint Meeting Sessions. The Architect of New Parliament is Bimal Patel, the in-charge of the redesign of Central Vista. The same architect is behind the most urban planning project of our country including this project.
This will be the top project of India in terms of priorities and will try to complete this building in 2023 - 2024.


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