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Mumbai's Development Phase

Mumbai Development Phase

Mumbai's Development Phase
The Financial Capital of India, Mumbai is currently in the transition state. The city is reforming and developing, but then due to less land space, the need for new development is recovered by demolishing and redeveloping the same place where there are old structures.
The city is currently seeing the most number of redevelopment cases in residential and commercial buildings. This building is not just skyscrapers, they are in the range of Tall to Super Tall Skyscrapers which range from 250-500 meters. If we look for the number of redevelopment going on are around 50-55 which is the highest number of redevelopment in the world. The redevelopment is in various places and major new plans are located in Dadar and Lower Parel which is the current real estate hub where you will see Super Tall Skyscraper such as the World One Tower and Trump Tower and Millennium Tower and much more.

Mumbai's Development Phase

You can also see major redevelopment in Mumbai City: Click Here


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