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Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower
It is seen whenever China have to boom its slowing GDP rates, they start new infrastructure projects in many places at a time and see an increase in jobs and place to start a new business for the new startups. There are 3 major cities in China viz Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin where each is a developing economy in itself. In the last one or two decades, there is a drastic change in the coastal region of Shanghai, and many infrastructure projects is seen.
Shanghai Cost
The economic boom in this city was unprecedented. There are 3 major towers in the city viz Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Jin Mao Tower also one Observation Tower cum Communication antenna called Oriental Pearl Tower.
Here we will see the Shanghai Tower and its significance. The tower is 623 m high and has 128 floors which were completed in 2015. The tower has a 90-degree twist and is the world's 2nd Tallest Building in the world and Tallest Building in China and Tallest Twisting Tower. 
Shanghai Tower

The tower has the best Eco-Friendly Rank and has both residential and commercial use. The outer glass covering of the building is of two layers which help in two ways, one reduces the heat and prevents heat entering the building, and second, it doesn't block the sunlight from entering the building which helps in reducing the electricity cost in the tower. 
As the tower has a twist on each floor the building gets a new outer view on every floor.


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