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Sahara Railway

The Desert Train:

Sahara Railway
Mauritania Railway is the only national railway line in the country used for commercial use as well as the passengers. The country has mines in the east of the country which is a deserted region and the country has the processing unit near the coastline which is west of the country. These two places are connected with each other by railway with a total length of more than 700 km long. With this long rail line and trains running up over 3 km in length take 50+ hour journey is the thus called the 
"World's Most Extreme Railway"


Sahara Railway
The Rail Line started construction of the line in 1960 with its opening in 1963.
It is only a single-line track with a 704 km long railway line which was originally built for the mining industry, but with the increase of the nomadic population and for trade and essentials transportation the train was also used for passenger movement. 
Sahara Railway
More than 60 thousand rails were used and over 3 lakh sleepers were used. The no. of bolts and fish plates are double the sleepers. This for an endless line of wagons, which are long as long as the eyesight goes. The train carries over 200 tonnes of iron ore and more than 1000 passengers. 


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