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The Origin The Of The Sun…


The word Japan itself brings a picture of a country having best infrastructure, best service provider, caring people, and  THE Most Significant ... BULLET TRAIN πŸš….

 People across the world may have seen many countries with best services and time to time discipline and yes japan is the best place to see altogether… 

Just after the World War 2, Japan was attacked by 2 nuclear bombs… from then Japan is against nuclear weapons and is always supporting better use for nuclear power. 

This was the turning point for the Japanese…


They began to get modernized and made themselves equal … no…. Better than the Westerns​.

They build up their own system and infrastructure with no time. Also it was an earthquake prone zone so they have to build up the infrastructure that doesn't get effect of the shock waves.


2011 ..the biggest disaster for Japan … the whole southern part was almost ruined but they stood up strong and with no time .. almost 1 week and in some place just 2 to 3 days more tbey rebuild up the roads, train tracks, buildings, and were back like nothing happened.

If this would have happened somewhere else it may have take ½ or 1 whole year to recover.

This much of this time. Thank you.


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