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India - The Sone Ki Chidiya


The Sone Ki Chidiya…


The word India itself brings a picture of a country with biodiversity, many cultural festivals, many traditions, lots of diversity, and beauty of nature along with modernizing nation with the best in class development.


India is a developing nation with many other country investing to the process of development and progress. Major part of the country is farmland and the rest is commercial or industrial developing sector…


There has been a major change after the “MODI” government took place in the centre. With making good … na.. best decisions with short period of time. The best part was the all new programs stated by the prime minister.. The Jan Dhan Yojna,Swachh Bharat Mission, Make In India,Digital India, Skill India, Pension Yojna, Krishi Yojna, Insurance with minimal amount, DigiLocker scheme AND the most changing one to G.S.T which in short means One Nation One Tax and which will make the people's money indirectly get into the nation's economic development.


Dehli the capital.. Mumbai the financial capital.. Bangalore the Indian silicon valley.. Chennai the modernized capital.. And if we join them on a map it forms a quadrilateral which is connected with biggest national highways. Now with the new government at the centre has passed a project of making the side of the highways a industrial belt which in itself will be a project of Make In India. The above capitals themselves have been over crowded so along with the industrial around 300 new emerging modern cities will be developed which have given a boost to the economy. 


The scientist and the technology developer together have made unbelievable possible with their missions.1. Mars mission 2. 104 satellite in one GO 3. The most powerful machine in the rocket science history build up by themselves. This made the  world to rethink and build up their technology 


Growing up with the old tradition and modern world.. India is a perfect example. 

The new generation youth have a great potential and have proved that too.  

This much for this time. Thank you. 


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