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The City Of Gold…


The word DUBAI itself brings a picture of a place with beautiful beaches, tall towers great infrastructure and the place of tourism 

Dubai, now being the world's most popular city was an undeveloped and backward country. This has become a country with the best in class infrastructure, world tallest building best skyline ever and with new and innovative ideas like making a small area over the sea and settle people over there. 


This is a place where crude ( unprocessed oil)is found. The sheikh of the nation knew that this oil will get over in the upcoming 5 years. So he decided to make Dubai a place where people come from tourism and the people get to earn a standard of living. Also, they have the best gold mines and the do trade of gold and many people have done illegally trade of the gold ornament as this place is full of gold shops it has the lowest price across the world. 

 They people started approving new projects which made it a place to attract people. 

With the world's tallest building, it also has the world's biggest mosque, world's biggest mall, world's only hotel over the sea, world's only construction over the sea with settling more than thousands of people, world's fastest roller coaster, and lots to do things.

With all of this Dubai has become a place of attraction a place of beauty and much more.

This much for this time. Thank you.


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