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This is my new series of the blog wherein I will find and present to you the best the continent has with it. Here we will see the Longest Tunnel each continent has with it for roadways, railways, and any other network. As we know in this series of "Continent Wise" we will consider Russia in Asia Continent and not consider Antarctica for this classification.


In Asia, we can see many large economies such as China, India, Japan, the United Arab Emirates with all its black gold, and other nations. These economies build large infrastructure projects that help their GDP growth such as townships, bridges, tunnels and roadways, railways, etc. This time we see China has the Longest Tunnel called
Wushaoling Tunnel
This Tunnel is the longest tunnel in Asia with a total length of 20 km in Gansu, China, and the second-longest tunnel is in India called the "Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel".


Africa has many developing countries with a striving economy and developing new infrastructure of which the Longest Tunnel is in South Africa called
Hex River Tunnel
This tunnel is 13.6 km. The next longest tunnel lies in Kenya which is built by a Chinese firm and makes it the longest tunnel in East Africa and second-longest on the Continent.

North America:

The North American Continent has the Longest Tunnel in the United States of America and is in Alaska called
Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel
This is the Actual Entrance of The Tunnel
This tunnel is around 13.6 km and has a combined railway line which helps in both traffic of cars and trains.

South America:

South America has its Longest Tunnel in Latin America, Colombia with it's Longest Road Tunnel called 
The East Tunnel
This tunnel is 8.5 km long and the longest road tunnel in Latin America and $288 Million.


As most of the countries have developed economy and has a good investment in infrastructure projects, and the Longest Tunnel in Europe is in Switzerland, called
Gotthard Base Tunnel
This is about 57 km long, twin-bore Gotthard Base Tunnel which is used for Railway Lines under the Swiss Alps Between the Northern and Southern Europe.
Gotthard Base Tunnel is also the Longest Tunnel In World


The Longest Tunnel in Australia as a Continent or Country we see is the
Airport Link Tunnel
This Tunnel is 6.7 km long and is in Brisbane which connects most of the metro line in the city.


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