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DDSS - Compression Members

Design of Compression Member:

Common hot rolled and build-up steel members used for carrying axial compression, usually fail by flexural buckling. So here we will see how to calculate the design compressive strength comparing to the factored load.

The design compressive strength Pd of a member is given as 
where, Pd is design compressive strength of member.

# Design of Compressive Strength (Pd):

The design compressive stress, fcd of axially loaded compression members shall be calculated using the following equations:
Design and Drawing of Steel Structure
The above is written in short from the IS 800 - 2007, Page 34.
For other terms you can refer the IS 800 - 2007, from Cl 7.1.2 which gives the Imperfection Factor,  Effective length of Prismatic Compression Member, Effective Length of Strut, Maximum Value of Slenderness Ratios which are required for the calculation of design of compression members.
Design and Drawing of Steel Structure
This written by me in the shortest form possible.


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