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The Land of Red Dragon…


The word China itself brings a picture of a country having a LARGE population, LARGEST roadway, LARGE scale infrastructural development, LARGE no. of small towns, LARGE no. of skyscrapers, BIGGEST military THE Great Wall of China and many more HUGE... LARGE... BIGGEST… things ...

The country is ruled by communist and some or the other way it is useful for the common people for a better and sustainable life form. The people here the people here majorly join the army and lots of them have their own farms. 


Before the World War they were deeply joined to their traditional system of business but due to western influence and the aggregation of the people to change the system they modernized themselves but not leaving their tradition… the LARGE population has always been power to the nation and this made this country to become the production hub for almost whole world due to the cheap and lot of human labour with major source of raw materials. Also this helped their allied in the world war. 


The nation also has been in the space race, production race, development race and economic race. Having a wide coast with natural harbour made this place better for the transportation through the waterways. Having huge sources of natural mineral has been a great part of economy and development part of the nation. 

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