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The White City - Ashgabat


Turkmenistan, heard of this country? 
Ya, this is a Central Asian Country and has very less tourist visiting. This Country is also wealthy among the other country in the region as it has 4th largest natural gas reserves. It was once a part of USSR and extincts can be seen in their cities structure. The country capital Ashgabat, is one of the most adorable city to see.
Turkmenistan capital city Ashgabat
The Building here are made of Pure White Marble. There are more than 100+ building standing straight out of the plain strata of the city and shines in the morning and the lighting makes the whole city look like Las Vegas with colorful lighting. The Government building are also made of White Marble and you can see that they use the 8 corner star as the worship symbol and they say that it shows the 8 path to god. Really you can see that every where in the city right from the skyscrapers, railing, walls and decorative arts.
Turkmnistan city
The city was founded in 1881 under the USSR and in that regime it was called Poltoratsk. The city was destroyed in earthquake in 1948 and was rebuilt again and called the White City, the urban renewal project. There you cannot find any other colored car other than white color because it is a White City.
Turkmenistan Capital
Constitution Monument
You will see many strange White Structures of Marble and Golden Statues. Here you will find a Indoor Ferris Wheel which is also registered in Guinness Book of World Records, which costed $90 million. The is a 600 ft Constitution Monument in Ashgabat where you can see soldiers standing at the base. There is a building where wedding ceremony takes place, called Palace of Happiness which looks out of this world.
Turkmenistan capital Ashgabat
Palace of Happiness


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