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Airport Engineering - Capacity & Tunneling Area

Capacity & Tunneling Area
Airport Engineering capcity and tunneling area

Airport Capacity:

It is the number of aircraft movements which an airport can process within a specified period of time with average delay to the departing aircraft within the acceptable time limit.

The following factors affect the airport operating capacity:

  • Single Runway
  • Parallel Runway
  • Intersecting Runway
  • Non-Intersecting Runway

Runway Capacity:

It is defined as the ability of a runway system to accommodate aircraft landing and take offs.
Expressed as operations/hour or operations per year.

Saturation Capacity:

The ultimate or saturation capacity of a runway is the maximum number of aircraft that can be handled during a given period under conditions of continuous demand.

Gate Capacity:

A Gate is defined by an aircraft parking spcae, adjacent to a terminal building and used by a single aircraft for the loading and unloading of passengers, baggage and mail.
Hence Gate Capacity is defined as the ability of a specified number of gates to accommodate aircraft loading and unloading operations under conditions of continuous demand.



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