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New City - Kazakhstan's "Nur-Sultan"

Nur Sultan

"New Cities" a new Quarantine Time series of my blog where we will see new properly planned cities of the modern and new Capitals of World. The planned and modern city of Kazakhstan called "Nur Sultan" previously known as "Astana" is first in our list of this series. 
Kazakhstan Nur Sultan
Kazakhstan was once a part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (The USSR) and has many cities with Russian architecture and design preserved. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the consequent independence of Kazakhstan, the country got the capital at Akmola. The new idea to shift the Capital to a central place of the nation from Akmola which was capital till 1997 was shifted to Astana now known as Nur-Sultan. This new city seats on the bank of Ishim River.
Kazakhstan Nur Sultan
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The city was planned by the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. As the city has the Parliament House, Supreme Court, Futuristic Buildings and Skyscrapers, and Hotel. When you see the city, you will definitely be amazed by the view and futuristic buildings. The city has wide roads and high rise buildings and a central walkway which capital has and looks really great with a clear atmosphere and minimalist pollution. 
Kazakhstan Nur Sultan
After the separation of Kazakhstan from the USSR was underdeveloped and with new leadership and started to reform and improve the economy. The country now depends on Agricultural products and mainly on Petroleum products.
Kazakhstan Nur Sultan


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