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New City - "Jubail Industrial City"

Jubail Industrial City:

Jubail 2 Project
"New Cities" a new Quarantine Time series of my blog where we will see new proper planned cities of the modern and new Capitals of World. In this blog we will see Saudi Arabia, with world's most oil reserves and wealth from this becomes one of the best place to invest. Jubail Industrial City is the biggest Civil Engineering Project in modern time and is getting much bigger with vast resources and planning by the king.
Jubail 2 Project
Jubail 2 is the new biggest expansion project of the city, industrial and residential  area with $11 billion from 2006 to 2016 and got an expansion for more 5 years. This expansion included greenfield university for 18000 students, roads, bridges, medical centers, power and water facilities. This project evolved into major petrochemical market and technical and business market.
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The major highlight of the new expansion are:

  •  Area for 22 new primary industries.
  • Expansion of King Fahd Industrial Port.
  • Refurbishment of Pipeline (Recycling).
  • Expansion of residential area for 120000 residents.
Jubail 2 Project
The project consist of 2 ports, and has 44 sq km of artificial harbor which protected by 18 km long breakwater. The commercial port have 20 berth that can hold all the cargo and industrial supply of the city. The new refinery tank farm are laid over 178 hectare. It have development of 9 km long causeway, the road system consist of 860 km of road, 63 bridges including 327 km long industrial belt. For the coolant in the industry, to tackle this 4.0 m diameter pipe were laid to serve the industries with seawater.
Jubail 2 Project
This project being constructed in four phases over 22 years, where the kingdom is hoping to stimulate the mining industry. 


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