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Wuhan 1000 Bed Hospital

Wuhan Hospital

The year started with a lot of things, now in China, the deadly virus called Corona-virus have been spread over 83000+ (as per 8th April 2020) individuals and more than dozens of countries. The Chinese Government decided to have a new hospital for a large number of people being treated at the same time. They proposed for two 1000 capacity Hospitals in Wuhan called Huoshenshan Hospital which will be a temporary one.
The Chinese Construction giant has taken up this construction work and has assured us to complete the hospital by Monday 3rd Feb 2020 that will be the 10th day of the construction.
Wuhan 1000 bed hospital construction

Constructing such hospital needed a lot of funds hence the following are involved in helping the construction:

  • Wuhan Construction Engineering Group
  • China Mobile
  • China Unicom
  • China Telecom
  • State Grid
  • Midea 
  • Gree

Engineering Behind This:

The hospital is spread over 34000 square meters and the hospital is of 2 stories and has all the work been prefab outside of the city and then assembled here at the site. The whole area was first covered with concrete and steel block were placed on which the prefabricated base, walls, the roof will be kept which can be seen in the below photos of the site.
Wuhan hospital stared its work
 The land just outside of the main city Wuhan was selected and the work for leveling the land for the hospital stared with 100's of excavators and bulldozers and the 1st day was spent to complete this work and head to concreting the area.
Wuhan hospital concrete work
 The work of concreting was stared in the night and the work can bee is seen being done in full force to set it very fast. the concrete used was rapid settling concrete.
Wuhan hospital prefabrication work
 As soon as the concrete was set, the work of having prefab on the place was stared
Prefabricated panels for the hospital
 100's of high rise cranes were brought from different parts of the country and the prefabricated stuff was brought.
Wuhan hospital work almost complete
The work was going well and when I'm writing this blog it is the 7th day and the hospital is almost complete.

The World Health Organization has also declared World Emergency and the world's eye is set on the Chinese Government which is assuring the required steps for the construction of the hospital and individuals security.


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