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Modular House

Modular Housing

Why Modular House?

Modular houses are the ones which are built in a factory and then brought to site and assembled to a real house. This enables the consumer that they can customize the interior and exterior as they want.This makes it more easy and fast to built and also save money in material cost. Thus this factory based houses are now-a-days been in news and many companies have came forward with many new techniques. This completion have reduced the cost further and thus this becomes a thing to consider while looking for new property.

Modular housing and its future

Some benefits of Modular Houses are:

Speed of Construction:

They can build up faster than the manufactured and mobile houses. As they are built in factories they don't tend to delay as in case of regular home. 

Less Expensive:

Because the modular home is one of many being built by the same manufacturer, with less possible down time, there are less cost associated with its construction. The cost of a modular home can be up to 15% cheaper than on site manufactured one, more affordable if you are building your house in a location that is hard to get to your area.

High Quality:

Modular houses are really fast in building up the house, often they are of good quality can actually be better when compared to some manufactured houses. If you see the real estate, if you get your house on time, it saves you money and also tends to increase it's values. 

How are Modular Houses built?

Modular housing and its factory setup
In Factory
Modular housing and its factory setup
On Site Assembled
As I said that this are factory based houses, the interior and exterior are made in the factory and then the house components are transported to the site and assembled their. This factory have machines and equipment which help the work to be done at faster rate. The Engineers use CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software which help them in designing new plans and apply new looks to the house. This all together gives a good package for the consumers to chose from wide range of material and design for the new home.

Are Modular House Good Investment?

The modular houses are becoming good investing opportunity in real estate and as they are becoming more popular they can see increase in value. the prices can increase over time and this makes it a good buying option. 
As they last longer than the mobile and manufactured homes, they tend to last more than modular houses. The manufactured and mobile houses tend not to last long.

Modular House

Not A Mobile Home

A modular home is not a mobile home, or a manufactured home. Although mobile homes have come a long way as well, and are now built to much higher standards than they once were, they are still not a particularly good value. Their resale value is not as good as a modular or a stick built home, and they tend not to last as long as a modular houses. 


Yes with many benefits comes some disadvantages such as:

Cost Of Land:

While the modular house may cost less to build, you are still going to need to purchase a piece of land to build the house on. The Cost of land combined with the house can be a bit shocking to people who are not prepared for it. You need to be prepared to buy your land and your house if you choose to go with a modular house. One of the area that people underestimate costs is with land development. If there is no town sewer available in the location in which you are building make sure you understand how expensive a septic system can be. There can in fact be a difference from one to the next of ten's of thousands of dollars.

More Complicated Loan Process

A mortgage for stick built home is something that most people are familiar with, but payment process for a modular home involves a few more steps which involve the manufacturer.

Some Lack Of Customization

Modular houses can be built in a variety of configurations, but because the way they are built makes them complicated to customize.

Land Restrictions

Although modular houses are much more in favor than manufactured mobile houses, there may still be neighborhoods or municipalities that will not allow such a home.

Perceived Quality Issues

Issues with Selling Modular Houses

Are some of them....
 But still modular houses are of one the new aand good method of constructing homes fast.


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