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Chunabhatti BKC Flyover

Chunabhatti-BKC Flyover

As we all say, the local train is the lifeline of Mumbai but there are some commuters who travel to there office by road. There are two major express ways, Western Express way and Eastern Express way but there are only limited roads which connect both and allow one to go from east to west of the city. The major one's were Powai road, JVLR and SCLR which from past few years have reached to there maximum capacity.
To overcome this and provide people a new but also better way to move from one side to other was a linking road. The idea of new bridge over Mithi river was chosen and connecting it from Chunabhatti (Eastern Express) to BKC (Western Express) was done. It not only has been completed in time but also has proven to be economical and time saving for the commuter as it save around 45 minutes.

Chunabhatti BKC Flyover and its details for better Mumbai roads
Chunabhatti-BKC Flyover
Its a four lane dual carriageway road which starts from Chunabhatti on main express way road and passes over the Mithi river and part of BKC and a short route that connects to Western Express way. Modern construction methods and pre-stressed concrete decks were used for the development, the deck is made of whale base shape and whole flyover has plants in the middle which give a better look to the flyover.
Chunabhati BKC Flyover and its design for future city Mumbai
Chunabhatti-BKC Flyover
Me, myself have experienced this route and can definitely advise you to go from this route that will surely save your time and money. The bridge also has new elements and as it passes very close to residential building the noise barrier are also installed.
My case study which says on the Mumbai Floods has also this bridge in the making which is reducing the width of the Mithi River and thus reducing the flow, but also has benefit of reducing the petroleum usage by the cars.


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