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Top 10 Tunnels in the World

The World's 10 Awesome Tunnels

Yes you all might have been in a tunnel and some might just drive straight out but if you are curious you will look how that mega project might have formed and made your drive so easy and relaxing. Tunnels from all around the world from Tokyo to Boston are some of the top tunnels.
Tunnels and its details and worlds largest tunnel of world

1. Zion Mount Carmel Tunnel, USA :

This is in Utah, USA and a mile long tunnel that is 1.6 km and was constructed in the 1930's to grant direct access to Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon from Zion National Park. Since then was no big machine to dig so only mining techniques as opposed to traditional tunneling techniques.
No big trucks or large vehicles are allowed directly to the tunnel without giving an advanced notice and small cars have to pay some fees to pass as the tunnel was not built to big in diameter.

2. Eisenhower Tunnel, Colorado :

This is in Denver, Colorado and is 2.7 km long. Reaching a maximum elevation of about 11160 ft, the Eisenhower Tunnel is one of the highest vehicular tunnels in the world and is dual bored with four lanes. Also was the final major installments to the Interstate Highway System.

3. Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, Alaska :

This is situated in Maynard Mountain, Alaska and is 4 km long and is a great part of network of tunnels and bridges located within the Alaska forest. It is a single lane highway that passes underneath Maynard Mountain.
Alaska's tunnel and its details

4. SMART Tunnel, Malaysia :

This tunnel is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and runs 9.7 km long and is the world's longest multi functional tunnel. It was designed to reduce traffic jams and to alleviate flash flooding throughout the city as it have two parts, one with storm water drainage and other one for motorway.
So yes thus named SMART

5. Laerdal Tunnel, Norway :

This tunnel is in Norway and is 24 km long! yes we jumped to 24 straight form 9.7 km. It has two lane road and is The Longest Road Tunnel. Was built to replace the ferry and mountain passage during the winder. It was designed with special neon lighting and less straight lanes with making the ride more montony while passing through.

6. Guadarrama Rail Tunnel, Spain :

This tunnel is in Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain and runs 28 km long and was made in just 5 years between 2002 and 2007 and joined two heavily tourist spots of Spain. The tunnel first made travel time 1 hour run but now the tunnel services high speed railway trains, reducing traffic time to 30 minutes.

7. New Guanjiao Tunnel, China :

This tunnel is in Guanjiao Mountain, China and runs 33 km long and is dual bore, dual rail tunnel extending across the Qinghai Tibet railway. Is also one of the longest railway network part and seats above 10800 ft above sea level and took 7 years to complete.

8. Channel Tunnel, UK/France :

This Channel tunnel runs 50 km long and is both a railway and shuttle transportation system connecting the UK and Northern France. The undersea portion extend under the English Channel. and has longest undersea segment in the world at 39 km long and the construction for the Channel Tunnel began in 1988 and ended in 1994.

9. Seikan Tunnel, Japan : 

This tunnel is 54 km long connecting the Japanese islands of Hnshu and Hokkaido and lies 790 ft below sea level and is the longest tunnel in the world with and undersea passage.
The construction of the tunnel lasted over 50 years, spanning from 1917 until official opening in March 2016.

10. Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland :

This tunnel is in Gotthard Axis, Switzerland and runs 56 km long and is currently the longest and most expensive rail tunnel in the world and opened on 11 Dec 2016.This tunnel is used for both the passengers and freight trains between northern and southern Europe.

With modern technology, we can excavate faster and smarter, resulting in massive network of tunnel that dramatically reduce travel time between location.
Elon Musk Hyperloop tunnel for future transportation

With some groundbreaking projects like Hyper-loop on the Horizon.


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