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Why Mumbai's Drainage System Fails ?

Mumbai Comes To A Hold

Why Mumbai's drainage system fails

Mumbai is India's Financial Capital, and it's most developed city among other cities. And it's rainy season hitting the city ever single year with more and more problems at its starting.
The government has also promised with better management, yet roads are seen water logged every year during the monsoons, bringing the city to a halt and all the fault is put up governments name.

But we have to know what is the real problem:

The real problem is Drainage System which was built in the British Raj.
The old system worked on simple principle, flowing the water away from the source and dumping in to the Arabian Sea. Then the population was not much and the system was capable of doing the work. But one factor was not taken under consideration and that was the High Tide Level. 
Why Mumbai's Drainage System Fails
Mumbai's Rain Scene

As the years passed and the population and level of high tide raised with time and the load on the system grew. The System was also made capable of handling the new increased level with help of pumps and new lines. Also at times of monsoon in the city, there is increase in the level of water in the system and the combination  of the three things ...Rain, Population and Old Drainage System makes the city come to hold with many places having water logging and flooding.
Why Mumbai's Drainage System Fails
Mithi River

 Also the system is not developed to resist the reverse flow of the sea water. The city also takes the help of the Mithi Nadi (Mithi River) but due to silt formation the water holding capacity reduces and creates flooding in city.

Solution :

Why Mumbai's Drainage System Fails
Mumbai's Drainage

The System can be made resist to the reverse flow by the single flow valve. Cleaning of the system and also having proper depth of the drainage system and have pumping station at various places of the city. The System which takes the help of Mithi River should be clean and made silt free for proper discharge. Also the reclamation near the river should be stopped and increase the width of river.


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