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Green Concrete

What Is Green Concrete ?

Green concrete and its uses
Green Concrete Bridge

Green Concrete was first invented in Denmark in the year 1998. It is much likely the conventional concrete but requires less amount of  energy and causes least harm to environment. This is achived by using the concrete waste and less energy in production and produces less carbon dioxides than normal concrete. This environmental friendly and energy saving product was named GREEN CONCRETE and was nothing to relate with color of it.
And thus Green Concrete is defined as the concrete with material as a partial or complete replacement of cement or fine or coarse aggregates.

Why Green Concrete ?

why should we use green concrete
Advantages Of Green Concrete

As in manufacturing of cement Carbon Dioxide is driven off and approximately for 1 kg of cement 900 gms of CO2 is released into atmosphere.
In Green the demolished waste aggregates, recycled concrete aggregate, fly ash is used so it maintains some eco-logical balance and reduces the waste products. 
It gives ultimate strength, increases durability, improves workability, reduces the bleeding and shrinkage.

Advantages Of Green Concrete :

Green concrete and its uses
Green Concrete Material
The major application of Green Concrete is seen in construction of bridges, building construction especially used in construction of columns, and can be used in road construction. It is seen to reduce the dead weight of the structure of a facade from 5 to 3 tons.,has good thermal and fire resistance, reduces 30% CO2 emission, 20% increase in used / waste concrete, less environmental pollution. 
Green Concrete requires less maintenance and repairs. 


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