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India's Top Projects

India's Top Projects

As a developing nation, India has some of the finest infrastructures in the world, yet it requires plenty more to set things in order and sort the pile for more better going in coming future. India has progressed significantly from being incredibly and breaking records with each passing day, it is only better.

While we can discus what we have achieved in past 70 years in other blog, here we will see the up coming few years that will have huge impact on our economy, our development as well as reputation as an independent nation in the minds of the powerful countries. 

Some of the top infrastructure projects in India that are going to change the face of our country forever are:


Sagarmala Project

This idea was first put forth by the Vajpayee lead government in 2003, Sagarmala is yet another mammoth project aimed to impact the economic growth of the country in the long run. some of the economist say that the completion of this project will boost the GDP by 2%.
This project aims to increase the capacity of the existing ports and modernize 12 major and 185  minor ports all along the 7500 Km of the Indian coastline. This will create faster movement of the goods and will be providing a huge employment opportunity. 
It is expected to be completed by 2022 that's the 75th anniversary of Independent India.


Bharatmala Project

Bharatmala is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the history of this country undertaken by the government of India. The work for the project started in 2018 and is expected to be done by 2022.
Yes this project is also aimed to 75th anniversary of the nation.
in the first phase it aims to build 35000 Km of road across India spending about 5.35 lakh crore and in second phase another more than 30000 km of roads are expected to be created.
This will connect the most remote area to the urban also the above discussed Sagarmala project helping more goods movement. 

Freight Only Railway Corridor: 

Freight train

If you are an Indian and travel  train to your home town, you might sometime see delay in the train arrival or departure. this is because of the same tracks being used by the passenger as well as the freight trains. some times due to the delay of passenger train or due to the freight train both gets affected. 
To overcome this problem Freight only railway track concept was introduced and which was aimed to increase the carrying capacity of the load trains and faster goods transfer. This will allow the passenger train also to increase its speed and travel withe a good average speed.
India being the 3rd largest in the rail network and 4th largest in carriers of freight trains, is heavily dependent on railways and since both type of trains run on the same track, often it creates unnecessary delays of passenger trains.The new more than 3300 km dedicated track will enable trains to carry 2.5-3 time more goods than they carry now and can travel at thrice the speed they do currently.
It is aimed to be completed by the year 2020.

Bullet Train:

India's Bullet Train

The most awaited infrastructure project in the country in the present context, it is to bring the " "New Dawn Of High Speed Trains" in India i.e the Bullet Train.
First it was also a part of the 75th anniversary project but due to land equisition problems he project is delayed to year 2023 which was to connect Ahmedabad and the financial center Mumbai is estimated to have cost around 1.1 lakh crore of which Japanese International Cooperation Agency has agreed to fund 81% of the project and get repaid in 50 years at an interest rate of 0.01% also the state and the central government will give 5000 crore each for the project.

Here above we talked about the reforms and the projects which will have benefits to the people as well as gain attention of the world, now here we will see the projects that will change the way people see India as a 3rd world country 

International North South Trade Corridor:

International North South Trade Corridor

You may have heard about the new silk road which is proposed by the Chinese government aiming to connect its allies with roads and have better trading. 
Counter to that project we see the International North South Trade Corridor which is aiming to connect India to the Europe and Russia by Sea and Road. Presently, the route India takes to reach Europe and Russia for trade is through the ship and via the Rotterdam Port, Netherlands. But with the new corridor it will take about 40% less distance to cover.
This includes 72000 km of shipping route. This new route will take about 25 days instead of 40 days .

World One tower:

World One Tower Mumbai

This is a residential building under construction in Mumbai and is expected to be completed in this current year 2019 but it has been delayed by a year or more.
To be precise this it will be world's tallest residential tower having 117 floors and 290 apartments, cost which is set to be about 15 crore each.
This will be also taller than the great Empire State Building, and will be 21st tallest building with 442 m height.

India's Own Space Station:

Indian Space Research Organisation

ISRO, Indian Space Research Organisation has done many successful mission in the past few decades and holds a good record of safe and successful missions in space with The Chandryan, The Mangalyan, also now they have phase 2 of the Chandryan set to be launch in July, 2019. Also India holds the record of cheapest Space Mission such as Mangalyan and is the only nation on earth to do in just first attempt. 
With this they have now plans to put up a space station in space same as the NASA and will be the only nation after the US to do so. NASA once had denied the ISRO for the rocket engine deal with India but the scientist did not stop there, they them self developed the engine which is now used in the PSLV and geostationary satellite.
The Agency has also been working for extension, where it has given an proposal for new Launch Pad in South India which will increase the capacity and working capacity with more mission and will give a boost to the science and technological exploration.


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