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Timber Buildings !?

 Why do we need a timber building?

Yes, timber buildings. As on earth human population is on an exponential rise, many and many people are trying to get home in a city where they have easy excess for the workplace for their own living. In the near future, as the population gets more concentrated in cities more and more structures I mean Tall Structures need to be built.
Timber Building

Loading Bearing and Comparison

So now architects and builders have opted for the old Technic of using timber as a building material eliminating concrete and steel. Yes, it is very hard to find this amount of trees but not impossible. It can be grown and regrown as needed. Many projects have been in progress of this idea and it reduces about 75% of carbon emission as compared to concrete and steel structure.

Timber Buildings

Timber CLT Plywood Pannel
Using timber coming directly from the forest doesn't have the appropriate strength required for a high-rise building. So designers came up with the new idea of CLT i.e. Cross Laminate Timber which is to get the required strength and is much more resistant to other surrounding changes.

Names and some details of these wooden structures:

The W350 project using timber for the main structure
W350 Project

1) W350 Project:

The W350 Project, Japan plans for a supertall wooden skyscraper in Tokyo, the development would feature a mixed-use program in hopes of creating an environmentally sustainable structure.

2) Oakwood Tower:

London's first skyscraper could be a step closer to reality after researchers showed the conceptual plan for an 80 story, almost 300-meter high wooden building.

3) Mjosa Tower:

The Mjosa tower was officially opened on 15 March 2019, taking over the title of the world's tallest wooden building which has been confirmed as the tallest wooden building in the world, with just an 18-floor building.
Mjosa timber building one and only complete building
Mjosa Tower

4) River Beech Tower:

If completed, the River Beech Tower would be the world's tallest wooden skyscraper and provide 300 residential apartments and communal centers. It feels a little impossible, but this is the work of Civil Engineers to break the impossible.

5) Timber Tower:

The goal of the Timber Tower research project was to develop a structural system for tall buildings that uses mass timber.

6) Sidewalks Lab:

This is a mass timber building which is a Google-backed smart city design project, which has cross-laminated timber CLT and glue-laminated timber.
Most of these are planned buildings or proposed phases.


  1. It is really good idea to fight against global warming and will be more economical than concrete&steel structure. The question now is about the durability and measures to withstand the rain&water effect on timber structure

    1. Even before steel and concrete, timber was being used all over for construction and still those structures are standing in many places. Effect of water and weathering may have effect but to a small extent since we here are talking about CLT ( cross laminated timber ) which have better characteristics over normal timber.

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