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Mumbai's Top Projects

Tallest Buildings In Mumbai

Mumbai is renowned as the Financial Capital of India and many people migrate here for a bright  future and some do achieve it and have a dream of living in the high rise of Mumbai. That made possible for the Mumbai builders to build tall skyscrapers and super tall structure. Over 7000  high rise have already been build.
This are some name of the tallest buildings in Mumbai currently higher than 170 m and this  does not include the antenna masts.

List of Tallest One's:

  1. Palais Royale , Lower Parel, Mumbai, 320 m.

  2. Imperial Towers 1-2, Tardeo, 256 m.

  3. Ahuja Tower, Prabhadevi, 248.5 m.

  4. One Avighna Park, Parel, 247 m.

  5. World Crest, Lower Parel, 222.5 m.

  6. Lodha Venezia Tower A, Parel, 213.5 m.

  7. Lodha Bellissimo Tower 2, Mahalaxmi,197.5 m.

  8. Lodha Bellissimo, Mahalaxmi, 197.5 m.

  9. Lodha Altamount, Mumbai, 195 m.

  10. Raheja Vivarea 1-2-3, Mumbai, 193.8 m

  11. Dosti Ambrosia, Mumbai, 193.8 m.

  12. Ashok Tower D, Parel, 193 m.

  13. Ruby Mills Tower, Dadar, 191 m.

  14. Orchid Woods 1-2-3, Mumbai Central, 190 m.

  15. One Indiabulls Vista Blu, Mumbai Central, 187.2 m.

  16. Urmi Estate, Lower Parel, 182 m.

  17. Planet Godrej, Mahalaxmi, 181 m.

  18. Omkar Atla Monte Tower A, Malad, 180 m.

  19. Sunshine Tower, Dadar, 180 m.

  20. Victorian, Mumbai, 175 m.

  21. Victoria Tower, Mumbai, 174.7 m.

  22. Antila, Altamount Road, 173 m.

  23. One Indiabulls Iris Blue, Mumbai, 172.4 m.

  24. Vasant Grandeur, Borivali, 170 m.

  25. Oberoi Exquisite Tower 1-2-3, Goregaon, 170 m.  

The Construction Boom:

Mumbai Top Project
Before construction boom
Mumbai Top Project

Mumbai Top Project

Currently Mumbai is going under construction boom with over 50 high rise under construction  and scaled in super tall structures. Also Mumbai ranks 2nd after Shenzhen in worlds largest number of under construction skyscrapers in the world.

Lodha World One Tower is one of the most ambitious projects with 117 storeys high residential  building.

The area of Lower Parel and Altamount Road were perilously towards a middle class region and  mill place which soon were found a place perfect for the high standard of living as there is  connectivity to each side of the city. Antila, Lodha Towers, Trump Tower and many renowned builders bid there money here and proved to be true and completely changed the area.  


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